Hockey tournament structure

China Stars International Friendship Games
Competition structure 2016
Girls' Hockey and Boys' Hockey 
Put your team on this incredible pitch next April !!
Come and experience one of the World's most impressive indoor hockey stadiums....the World's first full size indoor wet surface!  This is one of the main training venues for the Chinese National Hockey team.
In order to enhance the mixture of competition games and to maximise the greater cultural experience, team numbers are limited. Teams will play five games of 50 - 70 minutes each over the course of the week. The competition draw is typically designed in a round robin format with final games played between teams of similar strength.  If possible, we also try to fit in a 'Barbarian' style game where we mix up the particpating teams...great fun and new friendships.

Click here for hockey itinerary ( Girls' and Boys' 2016 )
2 of the 4 Barbarian teams in 2010
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