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About us

China Stars Events is a Brisbane based organisation that focusses on organising and presenting quality events in international locations so that participants are able to enjoy significant cultural exposures and experiences as well as participating in excellent events. It held its first, the China Stars International Friendship Games, in August 2005 and now holds this growing event every year. Over the years it has grown and now offers competition in boys' and girls' hockey, football ( soccer ), basketball and tennis. Using the extensive contacts built up by the team over the past 16 years, extending our events into the cultural arena to present tutti world youth music beijing is a natural progression in line with our philosophy of enhancing the educational experience of young people. China Stars Events also offers bespoke tailor made experiences that cater for sporting teams, musical/choir groups, cultural tours and business studies tours.

With its Head Office in Brisbane and an office in Beijing run by a native Beijinger and with its long term extensive relationships at high levels in China, China Stars Events looks forward to being able to take you and your group for an experience of a lifetime. 

China Stars Events is very conscious of the need for comprehensive Risk Management. Our Risk Management Policy is provided to all groups registered for events and tours.
Peter Armstrong
Founder & Managing Director, China Stars Events
BA, DipAdVocEd, FISM

When appointed to a Brisbane private boys' school in 1997 as its first full time Rugby Director, Peter already had 27 years of experience either as an entrepreneurial businessman, TAFE lecturer, secondary school teacher or representative level rugby coach. Believing that the cultural divides are lost on the sport playing fields, in late 1997 Peter founded an organisation that was eventually to present the biggest annual international school age sporting and cultural events in Australia. At the end of 1999 he opted to relinquish the Rugby Director position in favour of the challenge of building this new organisation focusing on enhancing the educational experience for young people around the World. Deciding to move in a new direction to benefit those students who are culturally focused, in 2007 he presented in Brisbane the internationally acclaimed Bonyi International Youth Music Festival. 

Peter began his involvement in China in 2004 and organised the first China Stars International Friendship Games in 2005. In late 2007 Peter made a firm decision to pursue the international thread further and independently founded China Stars Events to focus on presenting events in Asia. Whilst China Stars International Friendship Games continues annually, it took two years of planning to again present a cultural event, this time in Beijing, with 2011 marking the successful introduction of tutti world youth music beijing. The 2017 event will mark Peter's 20th year of presenting international events for over 25000 school age participants and 43 years after he presented his first ever event when at university.

Awarded the Australian Sports Medal in 2000 in recognition of his long contribution to youth sport development, Peter is a Fellow of the Institute of Sport Management.

phone: +61 416 246 422
skype: chinastars.peter
Li Xiao Lei
Beijing Event Director, China Stars Events
LLB, MTrainDev

Xiao Lei began working for China Stars Events when she was appointed as the Event Manager for the initial China Stars International Friendship Games in Beijing in August 2005. In the beginning of 2006 she came to Australia to study for her Masters Degree. In 2007, having graduated, she began working full time for China Stars Events.

In 2006 and 2007 while in Australia, Xiao Lei was primarily responsible for the coordination of the China Stars International Friendship Games held in Beijing. Having returned to her home town Beijing, she has established a base from which China Stars Events coordinates its events. Fluent in both spoken and written English, her organisational ability is a critical element of tutti world youth music beijing. Xiao Lei plays a major role in marketing the various events and travels internationally as part of this task.

Xiao Lei holds a Bachelor of Laws from Capital Normal University in Beijing and a Master of Training and Development from Griffith University in Brisbane.

phone: +86 135 2198 8074
skype: chinastars.li
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