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China stars international friendship games

When:  13-21 April 2018.
What: Girls' and boys' tennis, football and basketball, and girls' hockey.
Registration: Now open.
Held annually around the Easter period, the Games have grown over the past 13 years to now offer a wider range of sports - girls' hockey and girls' and boys' tennis, football and basketball.  Teams typically come from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and of course, host country China. While the individual matches are always well fought, the Games are also about enjoyment of sport and exposure to the cultural differences of China. The Games have a special feeling and life long friendships get built between participants from the countries involved.
tutti world youth music festival beijing 2019

When: 5 - 14 July 2019
What: Non competitive music festival featuring master classes, performances, stellar international faculty plus an incredible cultural experience. Opportunities for other groups to attend as well e.g. photographic, media studies, cultural/history groups.
Registration: Now open
Website: www.tuttibeijing.com

Why tour with us?

Over the years the organisers of China Stars Events have been involved with many successful annual international school age events with over 27000 people having attended. With 15 years education and sports coaching background followed by over 20 years of event experience we know:
  • what young people are looking for: fun, socialising, meeting people from other countries, seeing and visiting things not available in their home country, being together and sharing the experience with friends;
  • what teachers/coaches are looking for: students gaining a better understanding of the academic element chosen in a world context or good quality competition and playing venues, building teamwork and team bonding;
  • what parents are looking for: value for their hard-earned money, experiences for their children that help broaden their view of the world, safety and care. 
Our tours and events provide all of these and more. And what better way to get these experiences than by venturing to countries that offer a totally different cultural view of the world.
We look forward to being able to take you and your team or group for an experience of a lifetime.

fullY-customised to suit your group

If you are looking to tour for a single purpose we will build you a custom itinerary that gives your group the best experience possible for
  • sport - girls' hockey, girls' and boys soccer, basketball, swimming, table tennis ( ping pong )
  • musical - choir, bands, orchestras
  • business studies
  • consumer studies including culinary
  • history / culture 
  • maths / science 
In all of these tours there is a wide range of cultural encounters included.  Discuss with us when your preferred time might be.

Working in conjunction with your chosen travel agent we can organise a tailor made experience for your team/group with quality games or other activities plus sightseeing including taking in the Olympic venues like the Birds' Nest! Itineraries start from 7- 8 nights up to 14 nights ( or longer if you so desire ). We tailor make your itinerary  to suit your specific needs.

sample itineraries for 2018/2019 now available.

Quite often there is intense competition within schools for the tour slots and the solution in the past has been "the loudest voice gets the tour" or schools adopt a rotation system which could mean that it might be close on 8-10 years to go through the complete rotation. Our solution is to offer a new range of "Super Tours" that include up to 3 or 4 different strands all in one tour e.g. history / cultural + business studies + consumer studies + maths/science; or even sport + history / cultural + business studies. These Super Tours generally visit 2-3 cities over a period of 10-12 nights on the ground.

"Music across the oceans" 

For those looking to travel with your band, orchestra or choir, we offer our "Music Across the Oceans" tailor made music tours of China.  
Chinese drumming class on a bespoke music tour

Play with Chinese and International schools and open the doors to new sister school relationships.

About us

China Stars Events was founded in 2004 to focus on enhancing the educational experiences of young people through the organisation and presentation of quality school age events and tours across a wide range of activities. We strive to make sure that participants enjoy significant cultural exposures and encounters during our excellently organised events and tours.
We have our Head Office in Brisbane and an office in Beijing run by a native Beijinger, and we have extensive long-term relationships in China.
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